Who We Are

"The Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre exists to preserve, study and make accessible distinctive collections, so to inspire and engage people in learning cultural and natural heritage of the Fort Vermilion area. Through discovery, recollections and the making of memories, we serve and improve the quality of life for others."

This mandate is achieved through various programs such as:
-Museum Tours
-Research Requests
-School Tours
-Community Events
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Opened in 1995, the Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre is the nucleus of heritage preservation and conservation in the Fort Vermilion area. Boasting over 16,000 photos, 22,000 archives, 8000 objects and 2 heritage houses - there is much to explore! The history of the Fort Vermilion area is vast, fossils and bones ("Rocks Tell Tales" exhibit) are remnants of the pre-human history of the Fort Vermilion Area. "Weyiman Waskahikun Wehkohkewin (Fort Vermilion A Special Gathering Place)" is a tribute to the Dene Tha', Beaver and Cree nations. Agriculture, industry, and community events of days past compose our nuclear collection from the Fort Vermilion Experimental Farm (58° North and Farming).  

"Boreal Beauty, Bounty and Balance" features the area's natural heritage. With these main exhibits, and a plethora of other displays and artifacts, the Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre is the premier historical resource in Mackenzie County.

Artifact of the Week!

laundry Mangle

This is a black tea brick. Made of finely ground tea leaves and a binding agent (historically blood, flour, or animal dung) these molded bricks made transporting tea much easier and less likely to spoil. These characteristics made tea bricks ideal for voyagers covering long distances through North America on their Fur trade routes. Tea bricks of this nature were also used as currency in Asia and could be cut into small portions for smaller change. One would scrape about 10 grams off this brick into a litre of hot water - allowing it to steep before consuming - this brick could make about 6 litres of tea. May 21 is international Tea Day.
2006.57.1.2 / Friesen, Joy

This is a hand Laundry mangle. It served multiple purposes and was a staple tool in the laundry process when the chore was done by hand. The smooth back side would aid in squeezing excess water out and smoothing linens by rolling the fabric between the board and a round roller underneath. The textured top was treated like a wash board - softening fabrics that had become quite stiff after drying on a clothesline. If you look closely you can see some of the wear from use.
2008.39.01 / Twidale, John & Alfa