Who-is-it? Wednesday

Sometimes donations to the FVHC don't come with descriptions or further information. Sometimes they are just left on the doorstep. For these reasons we have gaps in identifying some photos and will post a new one each Wednesday! If you have information that will aid us in identifying these individuals please

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Your help is appreciated!

Anyone recognize these people? The man on left is clearly a "Man of the cloth" and the presence of snow - but lack of jackets on the ladies - indicate warmer (potentially Spring) weather! That's all great but we would love names to identify individuals!
990.4.81.15 / Rocky Lane School

The picture quality isn't great - but we are hoping someone might recognize these two! They appear to be enjoying themselves with the task at hand - potentially on a delivery run. The date for the picture is C.1950 - which means "somewhere around that year".
998.1.60.137 / Newman Jack + Pearl

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