Hungry Bend Sandhills

The Hungry Bend Sandhills include unique dune complexes of national significance, sections of the Peace and Boyer River valleys, and outstanding wetland staging areas. This area was nominated in 1996 for protection under the Alberta Special Places 2000 program.  The Peace River Valley which forms its southern boundary is part of the transcontinental Sir Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route. The Peace is considered to be a Canadian Heritage River.


The Hungry Bend Sandhills Wilderness Society is a group of people united in the goal of preserving representative and unique natural landscapes for present and future enjoyment, scientific research, educational programs, traditional and non-destructive recreational activities.


1. To nominate and work towards the designation of the Hungry Bend SandHills as a prime representative of the Dry Mixed wood Boreal Forest Region of northern Alberta which contains, as well, river valley terrain, sand dune complexes, organic, saline and unique parkland habitats.

2. To encourage planning and management of the designated natural landscapes as outdoor classrooms, laboratories, research 'benchmarks' or 'controls', protectorates for rare and endangered species and for the maintenance of 'gene pools'.

3. To help promote and monitor the landscapes for educational, rehabilitative and economic development pursuits that are compatible with natural, historical and cultural assets.

4. To be stewards of the designated area(s) and any sacred, historical, cultural and ecologically-sensitive sites therein, through interpretative projects, trail maintenance, research and liaison with similar initiatives.


To learn more about the Sandhills contact:

 Hungry Bend Sandhills Wilderness Society,

 c/o Box 1, Fort Vermilion, AB T0H 1N0.