Aurora Borealis

-Northern Lights-

Fort Vermilion lies within the "Aurora Oval". This an oval in the northern hemisphere that has frequent Aurora activity. With very minimal light pollution from the small settlement - seeing the northern lights right in town is possible and with the vast open space of the river the views are phenomenal!

 Active year round, the northern lights can be spotted in any season - the best time for watching though is in the deep winter when days are short and aurora activity can go on for hours. The aurora often "Dance" across the sky shifting in patterns and colors so swiftly and smoothly one cannot predict its path.

Legend says if one whistles at the lights they will dance.

The box to the left shows the chance of Seeing Aurora! It doesn't take into account cloud cover, and is based in Edmonton (Which is not in the Aurora Oval) so even if it is a small percentage it is likely the lights will still be visible. If the percentage is high - then we are sure to have an excellent show!