Caribou Mountains

 Wildland Park

The Caribou Mountains Wild land Park which was formally established in 2001 by the Province of Alberta, encompasses a total area in excess of 591,00 hectares ( 5,910 square kilometers).  It is located along the western boundary of of Wood Buffalo National Park.

This is the largest Wild land Park in Alberta.  Its fragile ecosystem contains sensitive wetlands and permafrost habitat.  Relatively undisturbed and lichen-rich forest is a favoured habitat for woodland caribou.  The park provides habitat for bird species normally found much farther north including the gray-cheeked thrush, red-necked phalarope, red-throated & pacific loons, and American tree sparrow.

With the core of the Caribou Mountain ecosystem protected, such ecological features as wetlands, peat bogs, and permafrost along with the species that require these areas will be sustained over time.