Admission to the FVHC is by donation. Some are very generous after a tour and engaging visit - others  breeze through quickly. Whatever your preference, we are grateful for the donations that help us stay open and uphold our mission statement!


Come stop by the museum - we would love to give you a tour!

Our space is small, but the history of the area is vast - and a tour by one of our knowledgeable staff is the best way to experience it all!

From prehistory fossils and bones - to the disastrous flood of 2020 there is a lot of history to display. Indigenous culture and heritage, Fur trade, Trapping, Agriculture, Transportation and Natural History is a brief summary of what we currently have on the exhibit floor!

 All tours are included in admission (donation)

School Tours


 School groups are most welcome at the FVHC! We gather our volunteers together to create engaging and entertaining tours for the little ones. Current exhibits in the FVHC relate to Grade 2,4, and 5 social studies curriculum,

for more information, or to arrange a tour please get in touch!

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