FVHC Escape House

Discover your way through 2 rooms of this historic escape house. Race the clock as you sift through the remnants of an abandoned house searching for any clue to aid in escape! The variety of puzzles will keep you guessing, engage various types of problem solving and be enjoyed by all!

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Closed for the Season!

We had an excellent time creating, and hosting, over 40 groups at the Escape House! Though the house is now closed up for the winter - we are planning for next summer! check in here (or on Facebook) next summer to get details about booking your chance to escape the clutches of the Clarke House!

The Mills family made quick work of our Escape House! Getting through all 6 puzzles and 3 different locks in only 23 mins! They won free entry into the escape experience next summer and a $20 gift certificate to Lime Blu - our favorite ice cream place!